Another successful trip!

A team of us returned to Mahé, Seychelles this past May to turn around our long-term moorings. Although the weather definitely made for some challenging days (with winds almost reaching speeds of 20 knots and 2 meter swell), we recovered and redeployed all our instruments–Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), Conductivity Temperature Depth sensors (CTDs), thermistors, and some short-term oxygen sensors. We also swapped some additional thermistors that we had deployed offshore last December, on the northeastern side of Mahé (see map).

As part of our fieldwork on this trip, we spent two days aboard the R/V L’Amitié, working with a crew from the Seychelles Fishing Authority (depicted below). We also had the opportunity to meet with Calvin Gerry, a senior oceanographer from the Seychelles Fishing Authority, and a group of scientists from the Seychelles Meteorological Authority office to discuss results, collaborations, and data exchange.

We are excited to continue analyzing our data!

Map of instrument locations