The observational program consists of a series of mooring deployments and boat-based transect measurements to capture the dominant contributions to variability in waves, currents and water properties on the Mascarene Plateau. Our observations will include measurements of currents, salinity, temperature, waves, water level, and turbulence statistics. This observational data will identify physical oceanographic controls on mass and momentum transport on scales that are relevant to local ecology and fisheries and that determine biological connectivity amongst the Seychelles’ multiple islands. In addition, it will provide validation and forcing input for local scale numerical simulations. We also hope to develop ongoing local ocean-observing capabilities including in situ and autonomous methods through collaboration with local groups.

field work – December 2015



We deployed 2 moorings, one on either side of the main island, Mahe. We also collected vertical profiles of currents, salinity, and temperature along transect lines at the north and south ends of the island. Preliminary analysis shows exciting results!


Left: Map of our instrumentation deployments and transect measurements during December 2015. 


below: equipment